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Our Services:

We disassemble, clean the exterior and interior of the phoropter, carefully clean each lens surface, lubricate and adjust, and then re-assemble your phoropter. Minor repairs can also be done on an as needed basis. 

How it works:

We ship our loaner phoropter (+ or - cyl) directly to your office. You then mount our loaner phoropter in your lane and place your phoropter in our bomb proof shipping case. All shipping labels and necessary supplies are provided for you. Once we receive your phoropter, we disassemble, clean all lenses, adjust tension, lubricate and re-assemble your phoropter, and ship it back to you. Swap our loaner out with your newly cleaned equipment, and ship ours back. We make the process as easy as possible, with NO impact to your patient schedule. 

Who we are:

Intermountain Phoropter Service is owned by Shane Wynn OD, who has 18 years of experience cleaning and repairing ophthalmic equipment. Each of our technicians are fully trained, and final cleaning and adjustment/inspection is done by Dr. Wynn on every phoropter cleaned. We promise every lens will be clean.

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